Monday, May 23, 2011

Tough Times for Tanglewood

Looking north at Tanglewood Ski Area
  This view looking north from Tanglewood Ski Area shows  something very rare in Northeastern Pennsylvania this spring:  blue skies.  Ironically, there are no blue skies for Tanglewood.  It has been defunct and for sale since last fall.  Tanglewood Ski Area is located in Tafton, a few miles east of Scranton.  Elevation drops at this ski resort are not exactly dramatic, but the slopes are okay for beginners and family fun.  A notable feature of Tanglewood Ski Area is the inverted ski lodge.  That's a fancy way of saying the lodge is at the top of the ski runs rather than the bottom.  Inverted ski lodges are not so unusual at ski resorts with modest elevations.  

  For anyone with deep pockets and fond memories of Dean Jones and the Disney flick The Snowball Express, Tanglewood Ski Area is still for sale and waiting to make your dreams come true.  

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