Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tanglewood's Achilles Hill

A Tanglewood Ski Slope
This picture of a Tanglewood ski slope was taken from the top of the slope!  I'm no downhill racer, but this 415' vertical drop does not exactly inspire the extreme athlete in me.  It could even be too tame for all but the greenest of beginners.  I have to wonder if the limited challenges provided by the Tanglewood slopes are an achilles hill that had a role to play in the ski resorts demise.  Just about a twenty minute drive away, and only five or ten minutes driving from downtown Scranton, Snow Mountain offers vertical drops of over 1,000' with black diamond slopes for more advanced skiers.

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  1. So glad to discover you're documenting Scranton for the world. Looks like an interesting place. Love the photos of the newspaper building!