Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Paul Kanjorski Pedestrian Bridge

The Paul Kanjorski Pedestrian Bridge spans Nay Aug Gorge above Roaring Brook.  On this particular day the brook was doing more whispering than roaring, but it is a radically different scene when heavy rains fall.  I hope to publish a photo of a roaring Roaring Brook when the opportunity arises  (pun intended).  The Nay Aug Gorge has a notorious reputation as a very popular and very illegal swimming hole.  Swimming has been prohibited for safety reasons, and accidents in the gorge are not uncommon with lots of injuries due to falls.  According to the Scranton Times-Tribune there have been forty deaths in Nay Aug Gorge since 1890.  Most of the deaths were the result of drowning.  Nature can be a mean Mother when not given the proper respect.

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